A quote from Chapter 37 of the Chinese web novel, Way of Choices ( ref ):

Dare to think. Before your dream comes true, never limit yourself beforehand. Never find any excuses for yourself, or reasons to fail, only so will we have the possibility to make the seemingly distant dream reality.

This, is my first lesson for you.

And a quote from Chapter 553 (ref:

There are some rules that perhaps really are too stale and require changing, but you must also understand that without rules, nothing can be accomplished. How can living under the starry sky not require veneration? For everyone to live their lives like Su Li is naturally joyous, but do not forget that although rules are like fetters to experts, to the weak, they are at times safeguards. We must place more consideration on how the world operates and not merely consider our own points of view.

Reading translations of web novels, Chinese or otherwise, has been enjoyable beyond the stories themselves. I’ve been getting a lot out of the differences in writing styles, wisdomic sayings, and cultural values. I particularly enjoyed the lines above given my current self-employment trying to get a company off the ground.